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As a decorator & a textile designer, this is my place to muse... Reality and charm fascinate me; perfection isn't really my thing. Fresh floppy flowers from the garden over long-stemmed roses any day, I love it when things are slightly off and tell a story.

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This Winter, NBC filmed an episode of Open House at our place.  It just aired yesterday and I can't wait to share it with you!  I had so much fun filming the segment with James Parvin & Vinny Randazzo, who were both extremely patient with me.

{me in our kitchen} 

It was a really cool experience and very different from having rooms photographed.  (I mean, in a shot that sweeps the whole room, where can you hide your mess??!!)

The house tour shows our (very) sad exterior before we painted it, so it's also a good "before" of what it looked like before we had it painted black (and our master bedroom garden is also a bit scary and dead in the video!  ah vell ;)   It will really give you an idea of how everything fits together and in the tour I explain why we did certain things.   

{A pic I snapped this morning of our newly installed Barn Light Electric Lights up.  -Thanks hubby!- Refinished  Door & Hardware to come}

To  check out the tours, click on these links:

I hope you enjoy!!

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