About Lauren

I like things simple, relaxed and natural...

Like most of us, I’m busy at work all day every day and love to come home to my haven. I live a sort of indoor-outdoor barefoot type of life at home, with good food, music and fresh flowers being some of my favorite things. With five kids a dog and a couple of geese, I do what I can to make my own place as great as possible, but have found that a relaxed attitude towards “perfection” has led me to some serious contentment. A crooked smile, wildflowers from the side of the road, a chip in the good china; I love it when things are slightly off and tell a story, because to me, that’s real life. And it’s beautiful.


My husband David- who, by the way, has a crooked smile- and I run our interior design firm and textiles company in Great Falls, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. With projects ranging across the U.S, I love creating a strong sense of place with architectural character in homes.  I’ve been writing my blog, Pure Style Home, since 2008, and it’s been pivotal in my self-discovery as a designer developing an aesthetic and in helping me find my voice. My first book, Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating (Abrams) has been a dream of mine for years and was released in Fall 2015.

David and I are so excited to be starting out on a new adventure with the release of our new HGTV pilot show, Best House on the Block this summer, which will feature the design, renovation and decorating of homes for our clients.