Lauren Liess & co

Eleven years ago, Lauren Liess & Co. was founded upon the idea of helping clients create homes that reflect who they are; homes that are more personal than perfect; more loved than simply lived in.

While balance, proportion, and scale are key components to any well-designed home, we at Lauren Liess & Co. recognize that we’re only part of the equation, and that the “je ne sais quoi” of a well-done home, comes about from a true partnership between client and designer; A melding of our combined experiences and vision that creates something fresh and authentic.

We love the process of getting to know our clients, efficiently managing their projects, and of creating havens for them. We take pride in always being open & up front and in being mindful of our clients’ dreams and wallets. 

Full Service Interior Design

Based just outside of Washington D.C. Lauren Liess & Co. is a full-service boutique interior design firm specializing in the design of entire houses and individual rooms. We work closely with architects and builders to create bespoke homes that become the backdrop for our clients’ lives.


Parcel is design delivered to your door in a pretty little parcel. It's everything you need to put the room of your dreams together, the way we do it.